Blanco 90cm 9 Function Built-in Oven

  • Category: Ovens
  • SKU: BOSE900X


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Features & Benefits:

  • Large Oven Capacity
    • At 129 litres, this large capacity oven will accommodate even the biggest of meals.
  • Triple Glazed Thermo-reflective Door
    • The triple layered door with thermo-reflective glass offers not onlya cooler to touch surface but also increases the energy efficiencyas the heat is retained within the oven.
  • Fully Programmable
    • The fully programmable touch control operation enables you toset the start and finish time of your cooking where the oven willautomatically switch off when finished.
  • Twin Fan
    • With twin fan ring elements, it ensures an even cooking distributioninside the 129 litre cavity.
  • Steam Cleaning Function
    • Offers the easiest way of cleaning the inside of your oven. Add waterat the bottom, put into steam clean function and then wipe away theresidue.

Included accessories:

  • 1 x Baking tray
  • 1 x Grill pan

Product dimensions:

  • Total height (mm) - 595
  • Total width (mm) - 896
  • Total depth (mm) - 565