Rinnai Infinity 16 16L/min Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System. The Compact Rinnai Infinity 16 will continuously supply hot water to one bathroom homes. It’s also the most energy efficient 16L continuous flow system on the market.

  • Category: Infinity Series Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems
  • SKU: INF16N50/60MA


Full details: https://www.rinnai.com.au/online/hot-water/infinity-16/


  • Never runs out of hot water
  • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
  • Status operation monitor
  • 25 Year extended heat exchanger warranty (conditions apply)
  • Puretemp™ temperature stability technology
  • 6.2 Star equivalent energy rating* (see Rinnai web site for details)
    • Low running costs
    • Highly efficient
    • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Superior technology
    • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing
    • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
    • Compact design allows installation flexibility
    • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures
    • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures (3 Star - 7.0 to 9.0 l/min)
  • Rinnai quality
    • After sales support
    • 25 Year extended heat exchanger warranty (conditions apply)

(picture for illustration purposes only)

  1. Flue Terminal
    • Made from quality stainless steel our flue terminal has been cleverly designed to expel burner combustion products whilst trapping heat and diverting it back into the heat exchanger
  2. Gas Burner Assembly
    • The firepower behind the Infinity name, our burner designs are the envy of other continuous flow products. Being compact and minimal indesign they play an important role in achieving our high levels of performance whilst reducing the weight of the overall product. These assemblies are also engineered and built in our state of the art manufacturing facilities
  3. Heat Exchanger
    • 30 Years in the making and the heart beat of the Rinnai Infinity, our Heat Exchangers are made from premium materials and engineered to perform and last
  4. Hot Water Connection
    • Made from a high quality brass material, our hot water outlets use multiple measurement points to ensure precision water temperature and safe delivery
  5. Cold Water Connection
    • Fast and accurate water flow control guarantees you get optimum hot water comfort at your required temperature
  6. Durable Case
    • Tough enough to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. Our powder coated case exteriors are built to last
  7. Gas Control Valve
    • Engineered and manufactured in our state of the art facility, Rinnai’s gas valve uses multiple safe-guards to ensure the right amount of gas is delivered to the burners thus ensuring unparalleled performance and energy efficiency
  8. Combustion Fan
    • Steel construction and balanced fins ensure sustained performance, low dB operation and product longevity. Other products use inferior plastic drums and fins which severely limit product performance and life expectancy
  9. PCB Controller
    • The brains behind the Infinity product, our in-house designed and manufactured PCBs, perform various safety checks, performance operations, efficiency calculations and commands.The microprocessors are encapsulated in a special epoxy that keeps out moisture and insects and ensures hassle free operation
  10. Infinity Front Cover
    • Premium design aesthetic and finished in a durable UV stabilised powder coated finish. Our Infinity coveris the trophy piece that adorns the Infinity brand